Our ‘’Barbie” BBQ Tent packs lots of heat and a whole lot of ingredients. This appealing BBQ tent is the perfect way to impress your guests whatever the event or occasion may be; it is available for catering for all types of outdoor seasonal events and functions such as weddings, private parties, fundraisers etc…

Under this tent we can grill it all: sausages, exotic meats, burgers; anything your heart desires we can toss it on the grill. Our menu incorporates a huge selection of classic International and Spanish appetizers and salads, homemade dips and sauces, and mains to fill the appetite. Check out our Menu and choose from our succulent dishes. We don’t just provide your guests with that great BBQ taste, but also a unique ‘in the round’ view of the whole experience, ensuring that everything is cooked to perfection.

Good For:



BBQ events with fish & meat


Join our other vehicles like lego

Each one of our vehicles can be used for a variety of menu options, from slow roasting meats, to hot home cooked stews, soups and local dishes. No matter your requirements, we have a vehicle to serve you and your guests.